Not a job portal

Rec-place is not a job portal

Job portals, despite their popularity, have huge limitations.
The output they provide is often non-pertinent (with an automatic match of keywords) and return a very high number of CVs, most of which are non-pertinent. The lack of human analytical selection is critical. Rec-place has real recruiters and selectors.
Often, these websites have “old” databases: industrial profiles are particularly quickly getting obsolete, as their assignments change rapidly.
Our recruiters always prescreen and interview the candidates before submitting them to the client.
The majority of job portals allow self candidatures, which most of the time are inappropriate and create spam. Rec-place is a closed and private environment for clients and recruiters only .
Portals require a subscription or a pay-per-use option, with advanced payments, with no relation to the success of the job posting.
Rec-place has a results oriented business model, and charges a fee only and if the hiring has been finalised.

Not a recruitment agency

Rec-place is not a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are much more expensive than job portals and sometimes they require minimum assignments by the client.
Rec-place has highly competitive fees, calculated on the gross effective salary of the candidate (also for temporary positions), and does not require a minimum number of researches assigned by the client.
Agencies have a limited number of internal employees, who could be working on other clients’ requests, or unavailable when needed for any reason (Lockdown, leaves, other).
The recruitment network Rec-place created counts a VERY high number of selectors and it keeps growing. Availability is never an issue.
Recruitment agencies are locally expert. Big recruitment companies can have branches, but the client will not deal directly with the on-site selectors - when the assignment is abroad. Other agencies are international, but not locally very competent.
Rec-place covers the entire World and every recruiter has a focused local expertise. GLOCAL (Global+Local) is the word.

Technicians are also recruiters

For the first time technicians are also recruiters

Normally, recruiters are professional ones. By this we mean that their main work is exactly as recruiters.
Over the years, our management came to an obvious conclusion and we decided to change the rules on this matter too:
Skilled technicians, especially in the industrial field, have a perfect understanding of all the characteristics of the jobs that
candidates will be requested to take over. They also have an amazing network of contacts, built over the years working directly on the field. Their contribution on the candidate sourcing process can be invaluable, in particular on specific job positions.
This is why we decided to get them onboard and ask them to work as recruiters.

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