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Rec-Place: The platform for industrial Recruiters and Technicians with recruitment skills to earn extra income.

Technical Professionals as Recruiters

One of the key differentiators for Rec-Place is that its recruiters can also be technical professionals from the same industries they are recruiting for.

  • This unique approach ensures that recruiters have an in-depth understanding of the specific job requirements and can leverage their special access to a hard-to-reach network of contacts. This sets Rec-Place apart from traditional agencies that employ "normal" recruiters, who may lack the necessary industry expertise or contacts to effectively source and select the best candidates for specialized industrial positions.

Recruitment for industrial projects only

At Rec-Place, we understand the unique blend of specialized knowledge, technical expertise, and deep understanding of the industrial sector you bring as recruiters.

  • That's why we focus exclusively on industrial project recruitment to leverage your unique skills and consistently deliver excellent candidates to our clients. We've built an extensive network of recruiters like you, with profound industry insight and a thorough understanding of local rules and requirements. This facilitates seamless hiring for diverse industrial projects. Each of our recruiters is equipped with the necessary tools and skills to assess candidates not just on their technical knowledge but also their soft skills and cultural fit for organizations. Rec-Place is more than just a recruitment platform. We're your trusted partner, connecting you with top-tier industrial projects. Experience recruitment tailored to your industry and the unique skill set you offer, with Rec-Place. Remember, we're all about industrial projects. When it comes to industrial recruitment, we've created a platform that allows you to use your expertise and your network to access the best talent, fast. That's the Rec-Place promise

Work at your own pace, from anywhere, anonymously

Experience the freedom of obligation-free work – you decide which jobs you want to undertake, ensuring every task you pick is a success story in the making.

  • The system will show you the job vacancies that match your skills and competencies. Only pick jobs you're confident about, ensuring every project is a potential success. With Rec-Place, enjoy the flexibility of working remotely. Our platform empowers you to take charge from any corner of the world, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Work from home, a cafe, or a beach – we believe in crafting a work environment that adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Craft your own work schedule and operate at any time you want, how much you want. Work behind a pseudonym, maintaining your anonymity with clients and other recruiters. Whether employed or self-employed, Rec-Place lets you monetize your talent, providing a rewarding source of extra income.

Revolutionary worldwide recruitment web platform for
industrial sector companies

A key differentiator for Rec-Place is our network of recruiters – you, the technical professionals from the very industries you recruit for. This gives you an insider’s perspective, enabling a profound understanding of job specifics, and the ability to leverage your network of industry contacts.


By focusing solely on industrial projects, you’ll tackle the unique challenges our clients face. From intricate job requirements to sourcing specialized roles, your industry knowledge becomes a game-changer. As you tap into your hard-to-reach network, you’re sourcing candidates that traditional recruiters might miss.


Currently, there is no solution like ours to this specific sector.

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Specialized recruiters
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Technicians working as recruiters
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Specific focus on only industrial sector
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Working on non-exclusive agreement
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Access to hard-to-reach Industry contacts network
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Anonymous recruitment
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Self-organized work environment and hours
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Fast and Efficient Recruitment Process
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International Recruitment Reach
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No mandatory job assignment
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Extra Income Opportunities
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Comprehensive Support for Recruiters
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In-depth Understanding of Local Rules & Requirements
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  • What is Rec-Place?

    Rec-Place is an innovative recruitment platform specialized in the industrial sector, serving industries like Oil & Gas, Railway Construction and Maintenance, Energy production, Facility construction, Civil Works, Chemical, Water treatment, Industrial Heavy Maintenance, Manufacturing, and Automotive, among others. We connect your organization with expert recruiters worldwide who understand the intricacies of these industries. They can source and vet the best talent tailored to your specific needs. At Rec-Place, our unique model is results-oriented – our recruiters are remunerated based on successful placements, ensuring they are fully invested in finding the perfect match for your vacancies.

  • How does Rec-Place work?

    When you engage with Rec-Place, we connect you with our vetted network of industry-specific recruiters who possess unique insights into your sector. Our smart matching algorithm helps identify the recruiters best suited to fill your vacancies, allowing them to take charge of sourcing and screening candidates. These recruiters will conduct preliminary interviews, ensure candidates’ skill alignment with your requirements, and secure necessary authorizations for recruitment processes. Each recruiter operates off-platform using their personal channels, which include extensive networks of industry contacts and previous colleagues, enabling access to a broad pool of talent and a faster recruitment process.

  • What are the benefits of recruiting with Rec-Place?

    Industry-Specific Expertise: Rec-Place recruiters are not just any recruiters; they are professionals from the same industry they are recruiting for, which means they understand the specific needs and challenges associated with each role. This ensures a high-quality, well-matched shortlist of candidates.
    Global Network: Our recruiters are located all over the world, offering an understanding of local markets, regulations, and candidates. Whether your project is at home or abroad, Rec-Place can connect you with a recruiter who understands the specific requirements and peculiarities of your project geographical area.
    Quality and Speed: Recruiters utilize their personal networks, often providing access to top-tier, passive candidates who might not be reached through traditional recruitment methods. This not only improves the quality of the talent pool but also accelerates the recruitment process.
    Flexible and Cost-Effective: We operate on a success-based fee model, meaning you only pay if a successful placement is made. This offers a risk-free solution to your hiring needs.
    Ease of Use: Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, simplifying the recruitment process and saving you valuable time and resources.

  • How much does it cost to recruit with Rec-Place?

    With Rec-Place, you only pay a fee upon a successful placement. There are no upfront costs or registration fees to start the recruitment process. Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the hired candidate’s Total Gross Remuneration. The specific percentage is agreed upon during the contract signing with our sales representative, ensuring complete transparency. This contract, which details any exclusions or inclusions, prevails over any promotional material, including the information on this website. Simply put, with Rec-Place, you only pay when we succeed.

    • My company operates within the industrial sector and we're currently seeking to fill conventional office-based roles. Can I use Rec-Place for this purpose?

      At present, Rec-Place specializes exclusively in recruiting for technical and industry-specific roles within the industrial sector. We currently do not facilitate recruitment for conventional office-based positions.

    • What types of jobs can I recruit for on Rec-Place?

      At Rec-Place, we specialize in industrial sector jobs. This covers a wide range of roles including technicians, engineers, managers, and more.

    • Do I have to be located in a specific country to recruit with Rec-Place?

      No, one of the benefits of Rec-Place is the ability to recruit from anywhere in the world. Our platform is designed to facilitate international recruitment.

    • Am I allowed to post multiple job vacancies on Rec-Place, and is there a limit to the number of positions per posting?

      Yes, as a client of Rec-Place, you have the ability to post multiple job vacancies. However, the maximum number of coexisting vacancies you can post is determined during contract negotiations with our sales team. Although each job vacancy is typically for one professional, our platform allows you to easily replicate job posts if you need more individuals for the same role. However, each candidate must be negotiated individually and each job should result in a single hire. This approach is due to our unique model where a selected number of specialized recruiters work on each job, allowing us to maintain high quality and efficiency throughout the recruitment process.

    • Will my identity or the name of my company be disclosed to recruiters?

      At Rec-Place, we offer clients the flexibility to conceal their company name during the job posting process, if they prefer anonymity. However, we generally recommend transparency as it could help avoid potential conflicts with former employees and ensure candidates are truly interested in your company. Despite this, the decision on how to present each vacancy ultimately rests with the client. Regardless of these choices, rest assured that the identities of the client’s operative users will never be disclosed to any recruiters, ensuring a secure and confidential recruitment process.

    • What if I'm unable to get a position to a successful hire?

      We understand that not every position can be filled immediately, and that’s okay. At Rec-Place, our goal is to provide you with high-quality candidates that meet your requirements. However, if you are unable to find a suitable candidate for a position, you are under no obligation to hire. Remember, you only pay a placement fee when a successful hire is made. In the event a position remains unfilled, we encourage you to keep the position posted on our platform as our network of recruiters continually sources new candidates. Our team is also available for support and can work with you to potentially revise the job description or requirements to attract a broader pool of candidates.

    • Can I change my mind and hire someone I rejected? or maybe hire that candidate at a later stage for a different position?

      Yes, absolutely. At Rec-Place, we understand that circumstances and needs can change over time. If you decide to hire a candidate you initially rejected or want to consider them for a different position at a later stage, that’s perfectly fine. In your private area, you have a list of records of all your past interactions and rejections, so you will be able to locate the candidate’s information when needed. Please note that any candidate introduced to your company or to your affiliates through Rec-Place is bound to the payment of a recruitment fee if hired, for the initial or for a different position, as detailed in the contract signed.

    • Can I work directly with one of Rec-Place’s recruiters out of the platform?

      As per our policy, all interactions with clients should be done through the Rec-Place platform. This is to ensure transparency and adherence to our terms and conditions. Both our clients’ and our recruiters’ agreements contain a non-competition policy they have to abide to.

    • Does Rec-Place provide support or training to new clients?

      Yes. At Rec-Place, we strive to provide a seamless experience for our clients. We offer comprehensive onboarding and training to new clients to ensure they fully understand how our platform works and how to make the most of our services. This includes step-by-step guidance on how to post job vacancies, interact with recruiters, and use our system to assess and choose the best candidates. In addition, our dedicated support team is always available to address any questions or issues that may arise, providing prompt assistance and ongoing support to help you succeed in your recruitment efforts.

    • What happens after a role has been filled?

      After a role has been successfully filled by a candidate sourced through Rec-Place, the client must confirm the Total Remuneration agreed upon with the hired candidate. This step enables our system to accurately compute the applicable client fee. It’s important to note that our recruiters maintain the ability to verify the accuracy of the provided information. In cases where the role has been filled independently of Rec-Place, we ask our clients to officially close the corresponding vacancy within our platform. This ensures an up-to-date and efficient system for all users.

    • How can I keep my account secure?

      You can keep your account secure by using a strong password and by not sharing your password with anyone. Never forget to log out and close your session when you stop working on the system. Please note that you cannot share your account with anyone.

    • Why is Rec-Place only in English?

      As of now, Rec-Place is available in English due to its global reach. English is the most widely spoken and understood language across the world, allowing us to communicate effectively with a broad audience and to be able to recruit anywhere.

    • Why are all job vacancies listed in USD? Will I be required to draft a contract in USD for the candidate I hire?

      All job vacancies are listed in USD on Rec-Place for uniformity and simplicity since our platform caters to a global audience. However, this doesn’t mandate you to sign a contract with the hired candidate in USD. The contract terms, including the currency of remuneration, are decided between you and the hired candidate, respecting the local laws and practices of the region where the job is based. The use of USD on the platform is purely for comparison and uniformity purposes. Any currency different from USD will be converted using Google’s rates to be reflected in the system to calculate the exact recruitment fee.

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