Not a job portal
Not a job portal, nor a recruitment agency. Rec-place offers a new approach.

Industrial projects are often located far from the headquarters of the company.
Most of the time, clients face issues when they assign a selection to a recruitment agency, due to its limited knowledge of the local regulations and restrictions in place where the project is.
Our recruiters, instead, are literally everywhere and they work remotely using Rec-place. Among them, there will always be someone with the right competencies and skills to promptly engage with the client and support its request, with no hassle.

With Rec-place, a client in Rome can be in touch with recruiters in Dubai, with a specific competence on the Middle East, for example. This unique advantage brings the awareness of any potential issue or limitation in the mobilisation or local hiring process of the resource needed. With a vast experience in the industrial local job market, and with the possession of dedicated databases curated by them, our remote recruiters will provide perfects matches to the client quickly, efficiently and accurately.

The power of networking
The power of networking

At Rec-place we strongly believe that real people are absolutely necessary behind the recruitment process. Artificial Intelligence cannot compete with

Big numbers
BIG numbers for accurate and precise outputs

Our recruiters network is wide already, and it will continue to grow exponentially, increasing the number of trades and disciplines covered, of the specific local competences, and improving the speed of the souring process.
Out of those big numbers, we decided to allow only a very limited number of recruiters on every job vacancy, which is visible only to those with suitable skills and expertise. They are challenged to work on the vacancy promptly and attentively, with interesting economical rewards.
The client will then receive a limited number of CVs, preselected and pre screened. No spam, no waste of time.
The entire process has been simplified and optimised both on the recruiter’s side, and on the one of the client so that the real focus will be on the important element: people.

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